Standard Accommodations List

IEP/504 Accommodations

This is the Master List of accommodations that WANIC can provide, with fidelity, to support students in a WANIC program. If the student's formal 504/IEP plan includes supports outside of this list and/or the 504/IEP document specifies modified grading/modified curriculum, a 504/IEP Team Meeting must be convened before the enrollment process can be completed. If this applies to your student, please email as soon as possible.

  • Hands-on tools/manipulatives
  • Preferential seating
  • Regular check-ins
  • Clear verbal and written instructions (i.e. graphic organizers)
  • Short breaks
  • Enlarged printed copies/textbooks
  • Extended test time
  • Extended assignment completion time if arranged with the teacher
  • Access to computers for assignments
  • Speech-to-Text software option
  • Study guides, notes, and graphic organizers
  • Separate testing locations
  • Small group testing
  • Options for reading tests aloud and/or providing oral responses
  • Study strategies, including guides, notecards, practice techniques, and memorization support
  • Guidance on using graphic organizers and visual representations
  • Testing strategies, such as question evaluation, answer narrowing, the use of scratch paper, and memorization techniques
  • Opportunities for test retakes with support
  • Limited assistance for making up missed work (please note that time spent out of class affects hands-on skill development)
  • Assistance in acquiring text-to-speech, digital texts, and translation support
  • Attendance at IEP/504 meetings, as feasible

Contact Special Services Coordinator Barb Beck for more information or to schedule a meeting to discuss additional supports.

Email: Barb Beck

Call: Barb Beck 425-471-4847 

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