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This is an introduction to WANIC Special Services with Barb Beck.

What is the process for students entitled to Special Education/504?

WANIC is a preparatory career and technical education school designed to prepare students for employment and post-secondary training and is not designed, by definition, to serve as an exploratory program. WANIC has established the following guidelines to promote communication and processes that streamline the availability of service to students with special needs in their preparation for a career and technical education. The guidelines are also designed to enhance each student’s success.

1. Communicate information regarding disability status (SPED, 504 etc.) for students who have been identified as needing special services. Before the student attends a WANIC program, the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and most recent psychological evaluation records need to be submitted to WANIC.

2. Each school district or high school will designate a special education/needs person to act as the contact person for the Skill Center regarding issues/needs relating to special education/needs students from the sending high school or district. The WANIC Special Education Liaison /or designee will serve as the Skill Center contact person(s).

3. All Skill Center students must be able to demonstrate safe working behaviors and habits as evidenced by passing program related safety assessments and instructor observations.


First page of the PDF file: WANICSpecialServicesInformationPacket

This information packet explains student accommodations, provides resources and contains a student expectations packet for your consideration.

Ideas to Accommodate Learning Styles

Watch this video to see how we might accomodate different learning styles.