One of WANIC’s primary goals is to prepare students for post-secondary education or a rewarding career in any field. We value, model, and teach skills that set students up to be successful, respected, and confident members of society during high school and beyond. WANIC faculty and staff devote their time and energy into cultivating a culture of mutual respect, safety and inclusivity, positive social behavior, and high academic standards.

We call this the WANIC Way.

The WANIC Way emphasizes attitude, reliability, professionalism, initiative, respect, and integrity. At the forefront is the value we place on students showing up every day, on time, prepared to participate in class, contribute to a positive culture, and ready to reap the rewards of personal growth, academic achievement, and a sense of accomplishment.

Be Safe. Be Responsible. Be Respectful. Be Present.

Attitude, Reliability, Responsibility, Professionalism, Initiative, Respect and Integrity

""WANIC WAY" WorkPlace Expectations Flier

"WANIC WAY" Workplace Expectations Poster