Information for Students

WANIC provides a broad range of outstanding courses for all high school students, which can expand options for the future. All classes encourage both male and female students to enroll. In addition, all WANIC courses are part of a Career Pathway.

Who can participate in the WANIC programs?
Programs are open to students in WANIC's seven member school districts: Bellevue, Everett, Issaquah, Lake Washington, Northshore, Riverview, and Snoqualmie Valley. Students who live outside of those district boundaries may participate on a space-available basis with permission from their resident school district.

Which grade levels are eligible to take courses through WANIC?
In general, students are enrolled in grades 11 or 12. Exceptions to this should be reviewed with the student's counselor. WANIC's Summer Skills Academy is available for students entering grades 9 - 12.

Duration of classes
Most classes are year-long, unless otherwise noted. For questions about enrolling, please contact your career specialist or counselor.

Scheduling courses at WANIC
Your course schedule must be arranged and approved with your counselor. Class and travel time should be considered. See the Times & Locations for Programs pdf for more information. Information is subject to change; please verify with the school hosting the class.

Occupational education credits are earned based on class hours involved with each course. Some classes offer equivalency credit (i.e. math, science, etc.) Many WANIC classes are eligible for college credit through Tech Prep.

No tuition. Lab fees may apply. Barrier Reduction funds may be available for qualifying students.

Students must provide their own transportation. Parking options vary by the location offering the program and it is the responsibility of the student to learn if parking permits are required and available.

Availability of classes
Classes operate on a space-available basis, with enrollment given first-come, first-served.

Preparation for life after high school
Advanced training, employment preparation, and experience in a career field are available to students while still attending high school. Students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and practice reading, math, and written and oral communication skills related to the workplace through integration of these skills into the curriculum. Many classes also offer advanced placement options at area community and technical colleges.

Contact WANIC by emailing or calling 425-739-8400.

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