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Crisis Text Line: text “heal” to 741741

24-hour Crisis Line: 1-866-427-4747

Nat’l Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Washington Recovery Help Line: 1-866-789-1511

Sexual Assault Resource Center: 1-888-998-6423

Safe Place: 1-800-422-8336

Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

Report Threats to School: 425-529-5763

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WANIC Masking Policy Beginning April 11th

As tenants of Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech), WANIC is required to follow the college's COVID policies.

LWTech recently updated their Masking Policy. In order to comply with the new policy, WANIC families are required to consider their students’ vaccination status when determining whether or not to wear a mask

Up until now, LWTech has exempted WANIC from the college’s mandatory vaccination requirements because all WANIC students and staff have been masking and confined to a specific area of the campus.

Starting on April 11, WANIC will be complying with the new LWTech Masking Policy as follows: 

·         For vaccinated individuals, masking is optional

·         For unvaccinated individuals, masking remains mandatory

We recognize there are various reasons an individual may wear a mask or may not be vaccinated. Students with medical issues are encouraged to consult with their doctor about whether it makes sense for them to continue masking.

WANIC staff respects everyone’s circumstances and we expect our students and families to do the same. We will not tolerate any staff or students demeaning others for either wearing or not wearing a mask while at WANIC.

Note: There are some circumstances where the WANIC instructor will require students to wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status. Since all our LWTech programs are healthcare-related, and current healthcare environments do require masking in most settings, instructors may have students follow the same expectations during those specific activities or situations that require them.  No exceptions.

WANIC will have masks available.

To see LWTech’s COVID policy, updated 3/30 :