Summer Rules and Regulations

WANIC Summer 2024 Rules and Regulations 

These Rules & Regulations apply to all students enrolled in a WANIC Summer Semester 2024 class which are agreed upon by submitting a WANIC Summer Semester application:

  1. This class is equivalent to one high school semester. It runs weekdays 8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. for thirteen full days: Thursday, June 27 through Wednesday, July 17. No school Thursday, July 4. No school Friday July 5. (Dates subject to change.)
  2. All classes are IN-PERSON. There are no online/remote options available.
  3. Only students entering 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade in the Fall of 2024 and registered in a public high school in Bellevue, Issaquah, Lake Washington, Mercer Island, Northshore, Riverview, or Snoqualmie Valley School Districts are eligible for a WANIC Summer Semester class. Home-schooled and private school students must register with their local public high school. Out-of-consortium students will not be accepted for WANIC Summer Semester.
  4. Submitting an application is not a guarantee of enrollment. WANIC will email student and parent/guardian if the student gets enrolled or waitlisted in their first or second choice program. Be sure to check your junk/spam folders frequently for WANIC emails. Add as a contact to ensure our emails are not blocked. Parent/guardian may check the “Enrolled” or “Waitlisted” status of the application by logging into at any time.
  5. All enrollments are conditional, contingent on verification and approval from the student’s sending high school. If the sending high school cannot verify the student is actively registered there or if the counseling team determines this class is not an appropriate placement for the student, WANIC will withdraw the enrollment. After enrollment, if you don’t hear from WANIC by Tuesday, June 11 you can be assured the student has been verified, approved, and fully enrolled.
  6. If plans change and the student is no longer able to attend WANIC Summer Semester, the parent/guardian must email WANIC immediately to withdraw the application. If the student withdraws before Thursday, June 27, there is no penalty, and the class will not be reflected on the student’s high school transcript.
  7. The thirteen full school days of Summer Semester are equivalent to a high school semester (0.5 credit). This class will be listed on the student’s official high school transcript along with the credit and grade earned, which will affect GPA. This applies to ALL students, including rising-9th graders. This is state law and is not optional.
  8. Full daily attendance is required. Students must be in class and ready to learn by 8:00 a.m. each day, and may dismiss no sooner than 3:00 p.m. each day. This is a fast-paced class that covers a lot of material in a short time.
  9. NEW for 2024: Students must attend the first and last days of the summer semester class. The first day of the summer semester class is critical to establishing classroom expectations, covering health and safety guidelines, and setting the tone for the remainder of the semester. These first six periods cannot be missed. If there is any reason the student cannot attend the entire first or last day of summer semester, they should not apply for this class. Any student not present for the full time on the first day, for any reason, will be automatically withdrawn from the program. No exceptions.
  10. Between Day 2 and Day 13, Students may not be absent for more than one day for any reason, including but not limited to: vacation, work, other school activities, sports, competitive events, personal time off, appointments, family events, medical or mental health needs. If it’s unavoidable, and the student must miss one day, a parent/guardian must call/email the WANIC office to report the absence. A one-day absence will be excused.‚Äč If the student misses more than one day, these additional days missed will not be excused; students will not be able to make up missed work and may earn a poor grade. There are no options to access the class remotely if students are absent for any reason. If student has other plans during WANIC Summer Semester class times, they should not apply for this class.
  11. If a student is too sick for school for more than 24 hours, such that they will miss more than one day of school, they will be offered a ‘hardship withdrawal’ and to be dropped from the class. A hardship withdrawal “W” will not negatively affect their GPA. Visit for WANIC policies regarding students with symptoms.
  12. Attendance will be recorded by the instructor twice daily – once in the morning session and once in the afternoon session. Students are required to be in attendance and actively engaged in schoolwork during both sessions each day.
  13. Standard academic grading will be used: Students will earn grades A, B, C, D or N. No Incompletes “I” will be issued. Students not meeting the requirements will receive No Pass “N”. A hardship Withdrawal “W” may be issued under specific, WANIC Director-approved circumstances.
  14. If enrolled, the student must complete the entire program and satisfy all academic requirements to earn credit for the class.
  15. If the student begins the class and then withdraws before the end of day Friday, June 28, the class will be listed on the high school transcript as a Withdrawal “W” – this will not affect the student’s GPA.
  16. If the student withdraws after Friday, June 28, the class may be listed on the high school transcript with a No Pass “N” indicating student has not earned credit.
  17. WANIC does not provide lunch or transportation. Students are responsible for providing their own lunch and getting to the program location on time, every day.
  18. Students whose families qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch at their high school may apply for financial assistance (gas card). Email for more information.
  19. The opportunity may arise for WANIC students to be photographed/videoed for the purpose of celebrating achievements and promoting our students and programs. These photos/videos may be used online or in print materials related to WANIC or LWSD communications. Parent/guardian, if you do NOT give permission for WANIC staff to photograph/video your student, you must email BEFORE the first day of class, Thursday June 27, and be sure to inform your student.
  20. All school district rules and expectations apply, including these computer code of conduct regulations: 
    1.  Be ethical and courteous. Do not send hate, harassing, or obscene mail, text or images; libelous, scandalous or discriminatory remarks; or demonstrate other antisocial behaviors. Such communications may be subject to school discipline, legal action, and/or police contact.  
    2. While actively engaging in online activities during class, use the time for educational purposes only. No personal, commercial, or political activity is allowed. 
    3. Protect your account and computing privileges. Never share your logon and password information with other students. Never use others’ logon or password. 
    4. Do your own work. Only submit original work and do not plagiarize the work of others. Academic dishonesty/misconduct, such as plagiarism or cheating, is taken very seriously and may lead to the removal of the student from the program and result in a No Pass “N” on the student’s permanent high school transcript.
  21. College credits are not available for Summer Semester.
  22. Please direct all questions to the WANIC Skill Center office (425) 739-8400 or Always use the student’s full name in all correspondence with us

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