Summer Attendance Policy

WANIC Summer Semester Attendance Policy

NEW POLICY for 2024 - Students who do not attend the entire first day will be dropped from the program. NO EXCEPTIONS.

By submitting a WANIC Summer Semester application, the parent/guardian agrees the student will not be scheduled for any other classes, activities, competitions, appointments, holidays, work, vacations etc that will conflict with the WANIC 13 day 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM semester schedule. 

Students may not be absent for more than one day for any reason, including but not limited to: vacation, work, other school activities, sports, competitive events, personal time off, appointments, family events, medical or mental health needs. If it’s unavoidable, and the student must miss one day, a parent/guardian must call/email the WANIC office to report the absence. A one-day absence will be excused.‚Äč If the student misses more than one day, these additional days missed will not be excused; students will not be able to make up missed work and may earn a poor grade. There are no options to access the class remotely if students are absent for any reason. If student has other plans during WANIC Summer Semester, they should not apply for this class.

WANIC summer programs are fast-paced so students can earn a high school semester of credit in only 13 days. There is insufficient time for a student to address missed course content if absent more than one day. If a student is too sick for school for more than 24 hours, such that they will miss more than one day  of school, they will be offered a ‘hardship withdrawal’ and to be dropped from the class. A hardship withdrawal (“W”) will not negatively affect their GPA. 

Visit for WANIC policies regarding students with symptoms.

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