Summer Courses

WANIC Summer Semester 2019

Dates: July 1-19, 2019 Monday - Friday (no school July 4-5)

Hours: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Applications will be accepted online at from April 12-21. Enrollment will be by lottery; rising seniors have first priority.


These Students are Eligible to Apply (Click for more info)

  • Open to students entering 9-12th grade and enrolled in the WANIC consortium: Bellevue, Everett, Issaquah, Lake Washington, Mercer Island, Northshore, Riverview, and Snoqualmie Valley School Districts.
  • Home school and private school students must register with their local public high school.
  • On the application, current 8th graders select Graduation Year 2023, current 9th graders select 2022, current 10th graders select 2021 and current 11th graders select 2020.
  • No out-of-consortium students will be accepted for Summer Skills Academy.
  • Students may not apply for a Summer Skills Academy class they have previously completed.
  • Biosystems, Genetic Research & Ethics (formerly Dynamic DNA) is open only to rising 10th, 11th and 12th grade students.

Registration Process (Click for more info)

  • Submitting an application is not a guarantee of enrollment.
  • WANIC will accept only one application per student. If you have a second program choice, please indicate it on the application.
  • Program offerings are subject to change or cancellation.
  • Site visits are not required for enrolling in Summer Semester.

Class Fee (Click for more info)

  • Free Tuition.
  • All classes have a $50 supplies fee (assistance may be available for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch).
  • After you receive an email confirmation of enrollment (this is not the application confirmation email that you receive at the time you submit your application), pay the class fee online or mail a check payable to WANIC.
  • Do not pay the class fee before you receive the enrollment confirmation.
  • Fee must be paid by June 1 to hold your spot.
  • No refunds after June 1.

Attendance Policy (Click for more info)

  • This one semester high school class is only 13 days long; do not register for Summer Skills Academy if the student has other plans and will miss more than one day.
  • 1 excused absence is permitted. After 1 absence the student may receive a low or failing grade which will be reflected on the student's official high school transcript.
  • Absences may not be excused by the student and must be excused by the parent.

Student High School Transcript Information (Click for more info)

  • Earn 0.5 CTE/Occupational Education HS credit except where noted otherwise in the class description.
  • Grade and credit earned will be posted to the student's official high school transcript and will be calculated in to their high school GPA. This is Washington State policy for all high school classes attempted.
  • College credits are not available for Summer Skills Academy.


Course offerings subject to change. Click here for descriptions

  • 2D Video Game Design: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Audio Production: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Biosystems, Genetic Research & Ethics (formerly Dynamic DNA): 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Biotechnology: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) & 3D Printing: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Computer Science & Engineering: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Computer Science Intro: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Culinary Creations: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • DigiPen 3D Modeling: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • DigiPen Art & Animation Intro: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • DigiPen Music & Sound Design Intro: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • DigiPen Video Game Development Intro: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • DigiPen Video Game Programming Intro: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • DigiPen World Building: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Digital Forensics: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Entrepreneurship: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • eSports Streaming & Twitch: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Family Health: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Fire & EMS Careers Intro: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Freelance Art: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Health: 0.5 HS Health credit
  • Healthcare Careers Intro (Dental, Medical, & Nursing): 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Health First Aid & CPR: 0.5 HS Health credit
  • Human Body & Behaviors: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • IT Academy: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Personal Finance: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Photography: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Sustainable Green Design: 0.5 HS CTE credit
  • Welding: 0.5 HS CTE credit

Course List by School Location

Host School Program Name
Bothell High School  Computer Science Intro
 Culinary Creations
 Health First Aid/CPR
Cascade High School  Biotechnology (Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources)
 Computer Aided Design (CAD) & 3D Printing
 DigiPen Art & Animation Intro
 DigiPen Video Game Programming Intro
 Digital Forensics
 Family Health
 Human Body & Behaviors
Cedarcrest High School  2D Video Game Design
 Audio Production
 eSports Streaming & Twitch
 Freelance Art
 IT Academy
 Personal Finance
Issaquah High School  Computer Science Intro @ IHS
Redmond High School  Biosystems, Genetic Research & Ethics (Rising 10th, 11th, 12th graders only)
 Computer Science & Engineering
 DigiPen 3D Modeling
 DigiPen Art & Animation Intro
 DigiPen Music & Sound Design Intro
 Digipen Video Game Development
 DigiPen Video Game Programming Intro
 DigiPen World Building
 Sustainable Green Design
WANIC  Fire & EMS Careers Intro
 Healthcare Careers Intro (Dental, Medical and Nursing)
Woodinville High School  Welding


Apply Here (click this link for Application and info) Descriptions and Online Application for Summer 2019. Apply between April 12 and April 21.

SUMMER 2019 FAQ (click this link for info)

Summer 2019 FlieR (Click this link for PDF Flier) 

Summer 2019 Timeline (click this link for info)

  • April 12-21 - Apply Online for Summer Semester
  • April 22-26 - Receive email notification of Enrollment or Waitlist status
  • May 25 - Deadline for Barrier Reduction Funds Application (for students with free/reduced lunch status)
  • June 1 - Deadline to pay $50 class supply fee
  • June 1 - Last day to request a refund
  • July 1-19 - Monday - Friday (no school 7/4-5) WANIC Summer Semester

Summer 2019 Rules & Regulations Form (Click this link for PDF)

Summer 2019 Class Locations