Summer Courses

WANIC Summer Skills Academy

  • DATES: Weekdays Tuesday June 26 through Friday July 13, 2018. No school July 4.
  • TIMES: Weekdays 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • WANIC Rules/Regulations (PDF) Bring both pages signed first day of class 6/26.


Summer Dates, Times and Locations (Click for more info)

  • Weekdays from Tuesday June 26 through Friday July 13.
  • No school Wednesday July 4.
  • Class is 8:00 am - 3:00 pm - class time is 6.5 hours plus 30 minutes for lunch each day.
  • Take note of the class location listed in the description. Some programs are offered at multiple locations. Classes are taught at Bellevue HS, Bothell HS, Cedarcrest HS, Issaquah HS, Lake Washington HS, Newport HS, Woodinville HS and at WANIC located at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

These Students are Eligible to Apply (Click for more info)

  • Open to students entering 9-12th grade and enrolled in the WANIC consortium: Bellevue, Everett, Issaquah, Lake Washington, Mercer Island, Northshore, Riverview, and Snoqualmie Valley School Districts.
  • Home school and private school students must register with their local public high school.
  • On the application, current 8th graders select Graduation Year 2022, current 9th graders select 2021, current 10th graders select 2020 and current 11th graders select 2019.
  • No out-of-consortium students will be accepted for Summer Skills Academy.
  • Students may not apply for a Summer Skills Academy class they have previously completed.
  • Dynamic DNA is open only to rising 10th, 11th and 12th grade students.

Registration Process (Click for more info)

  • Apply online (link will be available on this page beginning Friday April 13).
  • *New this year* Enrollment will be through a lottery system (exception: rising 12th graders have enrollment priority).
  • Application submission window is Friday April 13 through Sunday April 22.
  • WANIC will email enrollment/waitlist information beginning the week of April 23.
  • Submitting an application is not a guarantee of enrollment.
  • WANIC will accept only one application per student. If you have a second program choice, please indicate it on the application.
  • Program offerings are subject to change or cancellation.
  • Site visits are not required for enrolling in Summer Skills Academy.

Class Fee (Click for more info)

  • Free Tuition.
  • All classes have a $50 supplies fee (assistance may be available for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch).
  • After you receive an email confirmation of enrollment (this is not the application confirmation email that you receive at the time you submit your application), pay the class fee online or mail a check payable to WANIC.
  • Do not pay the class fee before you receive the enrollment confirmation.
  • Fee must be paid by June 1 to hold your spot.
  • No refunds after June 1.

Attendance Policy (Click for more info)

  • This one semester high school class is only 13 days long; do not register for Summer Skills Academy if the student has other plans and will miss more than one day.
  • 1 excused absence is permitted. After 1 absence the student may receive a low or failing grade which will be reflected on the student's official high school transcript.
  • Absences may not be excused by the student and must be excused by the parent.

Student High School Transcript Information (Click for more info)

  • Earn 0.5 Occupational Education HS credit except where noted otherwise in the class description.
  • Grade and credit earned will be posted to the student's official high school transcript and will be calculated in to their high school GPA. This is Washington State policy for all high school classes attempted.
  • College credits are not available for Summer Skills Academy.

Program Name

Host School

Course Description

SUMMER SCHOOL: Biotechnology

Cascade High School

Woodinville High School

This course will engage students in the fundamentals of biotechnology research and modern laboratory technology. Engage in topics and lab experiments around bioethics, genetic engineering, infectious diseases, DNA manipulation, and more. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed. (or 0.5 Lab Science)

SUMMER SCHOOL: Cinematography & Cinema Productions

Newport High School

Join this in-depth study of the nature of film as a powerful medium of communication and entertainment, and as an art form in its own right. This course is divided into three, interwoven sections - textual analysis, film theory and history, and creative process. Through a textual analysis of films and a study of film history students will enhance the development of their creative, analytic and production skills. Students will be required to create scripts for documentaries that study specific film styles and techniques, develop oral presentations that critically analyze short film passages, and produce short films. this course is a serious, academic approach to the study of history and film production. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Computer Aided Design (CAD) & 3D Printing

Cascade High School

This Computer Aided Design (CAD) course is appropriate for high school students interested in design, engineering and manufacturing. Students will be introduced to the design process, research and analysis, engineering standards and technical documentation. Students will design solutions to real-world problems while using the use of the most current 3D solid-modeling software and state-of-the-art 3D printers. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Computer Science & Engineering

Lake Washington High School

Project-based learning: electronic components, Robotics, and C language programming. HS credit: 0.5. Occ. Ed.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Computer Science Intro

Issaquah High School

Woodinville High School

This introductory course offers hands on opportunities to experience how computer science is used every day. The focus will be on big ideas in computing such as abstraction, design, and simulation. No prior computer science experience necessary. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Culinary Creations

Bothell High School

This is a fast-paced, hands-on cooking class in a kitchen lab environment. Students will learn and practice essential cooking techniques, methods, measuring skills, recipe reading, knife skills, and safety. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed. (or 0.5 Lab Science)

SUMMER SCHOOL: Dental Careers Intro


In this introductory class, explore the many dental career possibilities. In our state-of-the-art dental learning lab, learn about dental instruments and materials, preventative, restorative and specialty procedures, patient charting, oral anatomy, and so much more. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed.

SUMMER SCHOOL: DigiPen Art & Animation Intro

Bellevue High School

Cascade High School

Lake Washington High School

Through a variety of hands-on projects, students are exposed to the tools and techniques of professional artists while creating their own 2D animations. Students experience how each step of the art production process works while also developing foundational skills.

HS credit: 0.5 Occupational Education

SUMMER SCHOOL: Digipen Cyber Security Intro

Lake Washington High School

Learn how networked computers communicate with one another, understand how systems can become compromised, and investigate different ways to protect online security. Explore the many domains of Cybersecurity such as network security, website security, encryption, passwords, and social engineering. Students will leave this class with a basic understanding of how the Internet works and knowledge of some of the vulnerabilities at the various layers of a network.

Students will implement a simple hosted website/server that can be accessed via IP addressing anywhere on the internet, and install and operate their server on a Raspberry Pi.

You will learn:

--Network vulnerabilities and strategies to protect one’s online identity

--The math and programming of encryption

--Online safety practices and ethics

--Some data encryption techniques and career opportunities in cyber security

HS credit: 0.5 Occupational Education

SUMMER SCHOOL: DigiPen Music & Sound Design Intro

Cascade High School

Lake Washington High School

Project-based learning is employed to teach students the following:

--Exploring audio software basics and music writing software

--Composing music for games and animations

--Recording studio basics: audio hardware, software, microphones, speakers, and headphones

--Creating a music and sound effects library

--Storytelling with music and sound effects

--Adding music and sound effects to games and animations

This class offers a fascinating, hands-on approach to creating music and sound effects for games or animations. You produce unique, engaging soundscapes while learning about the fundamentals of music and sound design and their use in the video game and animation industries.

You will learn:

--Recording studio basics, including audio recording hardware and software

--How to create a library of music soundtracks and sound effects

--Composition and songwriting, including music writing software

--Integration of music and sound effects in games and animations

Students will leave with:

--A digital library of their own sound effects and music

--Games and animations featuring their own compositions

HS credit: 0.5 Occupational Education

SUMMER SCHOOL: DigiPen Video Game Development Intro

Lake Washington High School

This class is ideal for any student who wants to take an idea for a 2D video game and make it a reality. This class examines basic programming techniques, but also looks at other disciplines needed to create a game including game design, art production, and sound design. Games are created using the Zero Engine, DigiPen’s proprietary game engine and editor.

You will learn:

--The video game production process, including writing design documents, game testing, and problem solving

--Game design principles, including game balance and effective interface design

--Coding basics such as variables, conditionals, iterations, and functions

--Art production processes and tools

Students leave with a 2D video game developed by the student.

HS credit: 0.5 Occupational Education

SUMMER SCHOOL: DigiPen Video Game Programming Intro

Bellevue High School

Cascade High School

Lake Washington High School

This class launches you into the world of computer programming through the practice of writing code for video games. The emphasis in this class is on learning the foundational programming concepts — including variables, conditional statements, and loops — that form the basis of games and other programs. You are also introduced to concepts in physics, graphics to write a simple game.

You will learn:

--Java coding basics such as variables, conditionals, iterations, and functions

--Basic video game programming concepts, including character animation, character behaviors, sound effects, music, and processing user input

--Game development math concepts such as 2D coordinate systems, vectors

--Basic game physics

--Object-oriented programming concepts such as classes, inheritance, composition, and encapsulation


Course utilizes the Java Programming language through the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition IDE from JetBrains. Game development utilizes an in house Java Game Engine.

Course Outcomes:

--Knowledge of basic Java and Object Oriented Programming

--A simple 2D video game developed by the student

HS credit: 0.5 Occupational Education

SUMMER SCHOOL: Dynamic DNA (Rising 10th, 11th, 12th graders only)

Lake Washington High School

Have you ever wanted to work in a research lab and run your own science experiments? Discover the world of genetic research as you explore the workings of mutant genes, bacteria, and DNA sequencing. Includes a visit to Fred Hutch! This class is open to rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders only. Rising 9th graders will not be enrolled. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Financial Planning

Cedarcrest High School

This course will empower, equip, and entertain while building confidence in students own financial decision-making. Students are facing tremendous financial challenges without the basic knowledge needed to thrive in today's economy. Less than half of high school seniors qualify as financially literate, and more than 7 million borrowers are in default on student loans for college. Learn the skills to navigate the day to day reality of personal finance. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed (or 0.5 Math)

SUMMER SCHOOL: Fire & EMS Careers Intro


Experience the exciting and high-demand world of fire-fighters and emergency responders. Learn about fire prevention, inspection, investigation, alarm systems, dispatching, and emergency medical services. Earn your CPR/First Aid card! HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Freelance Art

Cedarcrest High School

This program will prepare individuals to apply knowledge and technical skills in creating, producing, and selling products in the field of 2D and 3D art. This course will include art theory, design, safety, technical skills, production skills and marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and management functions associated with operating a small business in professional arts. On the final day, students will have an art show that will encompass the work that was created during the class. This will be open for public viewing from 2-3pm. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed. (or 0.5 Art)


Cedarcrest High School

Lake Washington High School

Learn about personal & community health issues. Meets health credit graduation requirement. HS credit: 0.5 Health

SUMMER SCHOOL: Health Careers First Aid/CPR

Woodinville High School

This introductory course into Health Careers covers cardiovascular systems, anatomy & physiology, vital signs, skeletal system, disease prevention, and health maintenance. All students will complete CPR and First Aid training and certification. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed. (or 0.5 Health)

SUMMER SCHOOL: Medical Careers Intro


Learn the language of doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals as you explore the exciting world of medical assisting. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Nursing Careers Intro


Do you like to help others? Would you like to explore a career in Nursing? This interactive class will give you an inside look at this high demand field. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Photo & Video Fusion

Cedarcrest High School

Explore the technical and creative aspects of photography and video. Master your camera and its functions. Tell better stories. Improve your composition. Record great sound. Learn to use natural and artificial light in the studio or outdoors. Process your photos and video to look their best. Create special effects for both images and movies. This class features photographic and video opportunities from beginning to advanced. Some walking required as class will use subjects and sights within the community. Students may bring their own camera, but it is not required. HS credit: 05. Occ. Ed. (or 0.5 Art)

SUMMER SCHOOL: Photography

Issaquah High School

This summer class will feature photographic opportunities covering a range of techniques from beginning to advanced. Explore the technical and creative aspects of digital photography. Master your camera and its functions. Improve your composition. Process your images so that they look their very best. Students do not need a camera, just bring enthusiasm. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed. (or 0.5 Art)

SUMMER SCHOOL: Photography

Newport High School

Students will learn special effects photography. The class will start with all the features and functions of the DSLR camera with full manual control. Then move to light and lighting using speed lights, strobe lights, natural light, and light painting. Students will learn the trade tools of tripods, and lenses such as close up, prime, wide angle, fish eye, and telephoto. With these skills and tools students will engage in portraiture, still life, landscape, abstract, stop action, motion blur, documentary photography. Students will learn digital manipulation with the industry standard software Lightroom, Photoshop, and other special plug ins. We will look to the historical masters to improve the composition and communicate a story to engage the viewer. Students do not need a camera, just bring enthusiasm. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed. (or 0.5 Art)


Newport High School

This computer science course uses Python, a professional programming language widely used in the software industry. Python is an excellent first programming language for students new to line-based coding in that it provides simpler syntax and semantics and higher code readability than other programming languages (such as Java and C++). This minimizes complexity and allows students to focus on core computer science concepts, problem-solving, design and programming. Students learn fundamental computer science concepts such as data statements, expressions, variables, values & errors, control structures conditionals, while loops, indentation & function call, drawing coordinate system, colors, animation, key & mouse input, lists, for each loops, for-in-range loops, sprite- based graphics, sprites, program structure, collision detection, functions definition, parameters & arguments, return values & types. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Radio/TV Broadcasting

Bellevue High School

Be on the radio this summer! You get to play YOUR music on our radio station. Students produce their own radio shows where they can play their music and host talk shows. Students learn how to run a radio station as they participate in the operation and management of KASB FM. KASB broadcasts from Bellevue High School on 89.9 FM and on the internet at Students also learn TV Broadcasting in our professional TV studio. Shoot and edit music videos, instructional videos and make a live movie review show in our studio. Join the fun in this relaxed, inspiring and creative environment. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed. (or 0.5 Art)

SUMMER SCHOOL: Sustainable Green Design

Lake Washington High School

Provides a hands-on exploration of green and sustainable concepts that are a large part of the working world of the 21st century. Topics explored may include defining sustainability, design of green buildings, auditing sustainable workplaces, solar and wind energy production, sustainable transportation, and green ecosystems. Hands-on activities and projects focus on engineering, design, and applications of science. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed.


Woodinville High School

Want to get in the shop for some real hands on learning? Come join us to create projects big or small, with the use of a variety of welding techniques on different types of metals. This course is for all levels of welders from novice to experienced. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Welding/Metals

Interlake High School

Students will learn how to use the tools, equipment and welding processes found in the welding/metal working industry. Students will design, lay out, and fabricate projects, and complete various welding samples. Students will learn required mandatory safety protocols, develop attitudes and habits necessary for working safely and effectively in this environment. A portion of the class will be devoted to studying the textbook- Welding Skills 4th Edition. This class will run 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. HS credit: 0.5 Occ. Ed.

Summer Class Locations