Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine students practicing taping


  • Location: Issaquah High School
  • 3 High School Credits: CTE (2.0), Science (1.0)
  • No Tuition
  • Program fees may apply Financial assistance may be available for qualifying students
  • College Credits and Certifications available: Contact WANIC to find out more
  • Prerequisites: Biology - Students are required to have successfully completed and passed the course without any adjustments to the standards. Minimum 8th grade reading level ability

This is a full year 3-period Skill Center class (3 high school credits).

This dynamic, advanced, hands-on course offers students an exciting opportunity to learn more about sports medicine and to gain a greater understanding of science and the structure and function of the human body as it relates to injury and illness. In this advanced and accelerated course, students gain an understanding of health concepts familiar to all medical careers such as anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. This course offers all students an opportunity to integrate science, physical skill, clinical experience, and job readiness skills. The main topics of study include medical terminology, recognition of injury, prevention of injury, treatment, taping and wrapping, injury assessment, evaluation of injury, rehabilitation, emergency care, nutrition, psychological care, and Advanced First Aid/CPR/AED. The clinical internship is required for all advanced sports medicine students. Internship and observation possibilities exist at various health care facilities such as high school athletic training rooms, sports and physical therapy clinics, fitness centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and other related health-care institutions.

Sports Medicine students may pursue a variety of career options. Sample of reported job titles: Athletic Trainer, Exercise Physiologist, Kinesiotherapist, Nurse, Nutritionist/Dietician, Sports Medicine Physician (D.O. or M.D.)

Median Yearly Salary Seattle Metro area*

  • Athletic Trainer                  $49,490
  • Exercise Physiologist       $63,810
  • Registered Nurses            $94,020
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists  $65,580

*Source:, U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics 2021



Course Expectations: Sports Medicine. Located at Issaquah High School

Reading Expectations of this class:

This class is a college cross credited course and we work through multiple college level books. It is normal for us to work through 2-4 chapters per week. Expect about three or so hours of reading and an additional three to six hours of note taking.

Writing Expectations of this class:

Writing is medical career based so first we must learn the language of medical writing. Students are expected to do college/medical level writing of assignments and projects.

Math Expectations of this class:

Algebra or Trigonometry math level will allow students to understand the medical concepts and be able understand the topics being discussed.

Science Expectations of this class:

This set of courses is massively science based. Understanding Biology is requirement. Human Anatomy and Physiology is recommended. We dive into the medicine of the human body so understanding these sciences allow students to thrive in this fast-paced course

Homework Expectations of this class:

The class is divided into three sections.

Sports Medicine learning of evaluation or rehabilitation (5 hours per week (in class) with additional 1-3 hours per week of studying)

Medical Terminology and Sports Med Human Anatomy & Physiology (5 hours per week (in class) with additional 1-2 hours per week of studying)

Onsite Learning of Medical Careers (5 hours per week medical observation and assistance)

To be successful in this class, the student should be prepared to:

Must be passionate about the world of medicine and helping other. Time management is a must! With three different class components, students need to have mastered time management plans and executing them. Be a team player and understand that the medical world is based on strict rules to protect patient’s privacy while having medical interactions. This class requires personal responsibility and initiative to get the most out of this incredible medical experience.

Follow an attendance policy similar to business and industry; the student is considered an employee or a professional and is expected to be in full daily attendance and actively participating to assure that maximum learning and productivity are achieved. This program includes numerous hands-on activities which can be attained only by being in attendance. Applying and practicing skills are critical to demonstrating competency.

  • Prerequisites: Biology - Students are required to have successfully completed and passed the course without any adjustments to the standards. Minimum 8th grade reading level ability.
  • CTE Dual Credit - College Credits may be Available.