Full Year Student and Family Agreement

Full Year Student and Family Agreement 2022-23

Before submitting the application, read through each statement carefully and check the box to indicate agreement.

  • I have read the description of the program I am requesting on the WANIC website and/or I have discussed the program with my Counselor or Career Specialist at my high school. I understand the availability, time, and location are subject to change.
  •  I understand I will be taking this program in a separate high school/district. I understand that it is expected that I follow the calendar, schedule, and attendance policies of the school/district offering the WANIC program (even if they are different than at my own school/district).
  •  If accepted, I agree to attend class on time, every school day. I understand that consistent attendance is a leading predictor of success in any school program. It requires a firm commitment to travel to a different location for part of the school day and I agree to maintain this commitment throughout the school year in order to do my best and get the most out of the program.
  •  I understand I am enrolling in a multiple period class. Missing one day of this WANIC program is the same as missing three days of a regular one-period class.
  •  I will follow the attendance guidelines of the school/district offering the WANIC program. My parent/guardian will excuse any absences within 48 hours by contacting the school where the WANIC program is located. It is my responsibility to follow up with the teacher for any missed work due to absences.
  •  I have reliable transportation to and from class each day. I understand I am responsible for arranging my own transportation to and from class each day.
  •  I will schedule/provide ample travel-time to and from the WANIC program. I am aware of the distance and driving time between my high school/home and the WANIC program. It is my responsibility to find out what the parking policies are at the school I will be attending, and I will be responsible for any parking fees, if applicable.
  •  I will remain aware of the scheduling differences between my school district and my WANIC program's school district. This will include differences in early release days, breaks, and teacher work days.
  •  I am aware of any lab or testing fees (if applicable) for this WANIC program. If I qualify for free/reduced lunch at my high school (or my family is experiencing financial hardship), I may qualify for financial assistance to help pay for approved costs associated with my WANIC program. I will contact the WANIC office for more information.
  •  I understand that a WANIC program is not a Running Start program. If I will be taking any Running Start classes, it is my responsibility to ensure the Running Start classes do not conflict with my WANIC schedule throughout the entire school year. Also, I understand I will be expected to attend the WANIC classes even if the Running Start calendar differs from the WANIC calendar.