Two smiling dental students


  • Location: WANIC at LWTech
  • 3 High School Credits: CTE (2.0), Lab Science (1.0)
  • No Tuition
  • Program fees may apply Financial assistance may be available for qualifying students
  • College Credits and Certifications available: Contact WANIC to find out more
  • Prerequisites: Biology - Students are required to have successfully completed and passed the course without any adjustments to the standards. Minimum 8th grade reading level ability. Prerequisites Year 2: Successful completion of Year 1 and instructor approval.

This is a full year 3-period Skill Center class (3 high school credits).

The Dental Careers program opens up a world of exciting professional and college opportunities. In a state-of-the-art learning lab, discover the rewarding dental career field. Learn about instruments, dental materials, four-handed dentistry, preventative, restorative, and specialty procedures, patient charting, sterilization, radiography, general and oral anatomy, microbiology, terminology, First Aid/CPR, and infection control. Program includes field trips, guest speakers, team building, and leadership activities and prepares students for further education or an exciting career.

Students read college level textbooks and practice technical writing skills. Students who successfully complete this program have the experience required to work in a dental office as a sterilization or hygiene assistant. Many students choose to continue their dental education at technical colleges and universities majoring in dental assisting, dental hygiene, or dentistry. Dentistry is an exciting, hands-on, and in-demand profession. Dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants are well compensated and have desirable work hours.

Washington State has many excellent schools to further your dental education, including Clark College, Eastern Washington University, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Renton Technical College, Seattle Community College, Shoreline Community College, University of Washington, and many more.


Median Yearly Salary Seattle Metro area*

  • Dental Assistant $48,470
  • Dental Lab Technician $69,460
  • Dental Hygienist $99,640
  • General Dentist $147,850

*Source: U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics 2021


Course Expectations: Dental Careers. Located at WANIC Skill Center

Reading Expectations of this class:

Minimum 8th grade reading level ability. Students will read from online and hard copy textbooks. Reading materials are college level and requires a higher level of ELL for vocabulary comprehension. Dental and medical terminology is a major focus for this class. 1-2 Chapters are covered each week.

Writing Expectations of this class:

Writing requirements are first based on learning the language of dental/medical terminology. Writing comprehension needs to show vocabulary comprehension. Students will be expected to write clear and concise patient records with proper grammar and spelling.

Math Expectations of this class:

Basic math is required: students need to be able to add up & calculate intake & output using cc’s & understand basic metric system conversions such as 30 cc= 1 oz, etc. & how to add multiple numbers together to come up with a total.

Science Expectations of this class:

Curriculum focuses heavily on microbiology, biology, anatomy and physiology. Lab skills assessments are a significant part of this class. Mixing and applying chemicals.

Homework Expectations of this class:

Generally, homework is not assigned, unless students are unable to manage their time in class. If students do not get expected work done within class time given, they will be expected to complete at home.

To be successful in this class, the student should be prepared to:

Complete assignments on time, actively participate in class daily, and maintain an 80% or higher in each course.

Follow an attendance policy similar to business and industry; the student is considered an employee or a professional and is expected to be in full daily attendance and actively participating to assure that maximum learning and productivity are achieved. This program includes numerous hands-on activities which can be attained only by being in attendance. Applying and practicing skills are critical to demonstrating competency.

Additional Information:
  • Prerequisite – Biology - Students are required to have successfully completed and passed the course without any adjustments to the standards. Minimum 8th grade reading level ability. Prerequisites Year 2: Successful completion of Year 1 and instructor approval.
  • CTE Dual Credit. College Credit May Be Available.