Baking and Pastry

Baking students using mixer


  • Location: Bothell High School
  • High School Credits: CTE (2.0), Lab Science (1.0)
  • No Tuition
  • Program fees may apply. Financial assistance may be available for qualifying students
  • College Credits and Certifications available. Contact WANIC to find out more


This is a full year 3-period Skill Center class (3 high school credits). In this advanced course, students learn the techniques of mixing, shaping, and folding while applying the science and math behind baking. Students practice how to successfully make quick breads, decorated cakes, pies, mousses, sauces, custards, frozen desserts, cookies, and confections. They gain expertise in highly skilled techniques such as sugar decorating and chocolate garnishing in a well-equipped, industry-standard kitchen and prepare food for student presentations, school functions, and community service events.

This course includes classroom instruction and practical lab work in a commercial kitchen.


Baking & Pastry Occupations

Seattle King County Labor Market Data*

The popularity and appreciation for well-prepared food has grown exponentially in recent years. The national job outlook for chefs and cooks from 2020-2030 predicts expected growth of 25%, which is much faster than average growth of other industries. Average salaries are $53,380 a year/ $25.66 per hour and advancement is obtainable with continued secondary certification programs such as a Culinary Arts Associates Degree, Restaurant Management Bachelor’s Degree, or Masters in Food Science.

*2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics


Course Expectations: Baking & Pastry. Located at Bothell High School

Reading Expectations of this class:

Students use the On Baking textbook (11th grade reading level) for unit introductions, chapter questions, and as a resource for recipes. Daily reading includes recipes, instructions, daily slides, words of the day, supplemental resources and articles.

Writing Expectations of this class:

The Northshore school district uses Google Docs to complete Word processing assignments. Students will be required to write lab evaluations, reflection assignments, experiment write ups and complete sentences for unit/chapter questions.  Occasionally a presentation will be required using Google Slide shares.

Math Expectations of this class:

Basic arithmetic of adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and fractions are used daily. Students use basic math to divide and multiply recipes. Students should know basic measurements in the form of liquid, dry, ounces, grams, cups, width, length, pounds, temperature, etc.

Science Expectations of this class:

Science is an integral part of the baking class where we will explore chemical properties of ingredients as well as chemical reactions, along with biological properties of ingredients and contaminates. Students will apply scientific principles and evidence to provide an explanation about the effects of temperatures, ingredients, change in conditions, etc. on a baked/pastry products. Science terms and the scientific theory will be used in varying units. Baking is an extension of the core science standards students have been taught in their core science classes.

Homework Expectations of this class:

Occasional before, during or after school catering events may be required. If students do not use their time wisely in class, the unfinished work will need to be completed outside of class time.

To be successful in this class, the student should be prepared to:

Show up, be prepared for class every day, participate, and expect to do work daily.

Follow an attendance policy similar to business and industry; the student is considered an employee or a professional and is expected to be in full daily attendance and actively participating to assure that maximum learning and productivity are achieved. This program includes numerous hands-on activities which can be attained only by being in attendance. Applying and practicing skills are critical to demonstrating competency.

Additional Information:
  • Prerequisite – Foods Class or Instructor Permission
  • CTE Dual Credit - College Credit May Be Available.