Full Year Courses

Apply for Full Year 2022-23

These programs have space available for 2022-23 and are accepting applications:  Dental Careers, DigiPen Art & Animation, DigiPen Game Design, DigiPen Music & Sound Design, DigiPen Video Game Programming, Fire & EMS (AM waitlist, PM closed), Health Science Careers – Nursing (WANIC location PM only) and Medical Careers. Applications for all other programs are closed.

For funding and reporting purposes, students must be registered in a public school in the Bellevue, Everett, Issaquah, Lake Washington, Mercer Island, Northshore, Riverview, Snoqualmie Valley school districts. Private and homeschoolers, please register with your local high school and inform them you are doing so to participate in WANIC.

Skill Center programs 2022-23

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Times, Locations, Course Equivalencies for WANIC Programs

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These Full-Year Skill Center courses have Pre-Requisites

All 2nd Year Programs: Successful Completion of the 1st Year Program

Baking & Pastry: Foods class or Instructor Permission

Cisco Year 1: Completion of Computer Technology or Instructor Permission

Dental Careers: Biology strongly recommended

DigiPen Data Analytics & Visualization: Completion of Algebra 2

DigiPen Video Game Programming Year 1: Completion of Algebra 2 (or taking concurrently) or Instructor Permission 

Health Science Careers/Nursing: Biology strongly recommended

Medical Careers: Biology strongly recommended

Sports Medicine: Biology strongly recommended