College Credits

WANIC offers college credit through Pacific NW College Credit and DigiPen Institute of Technology, Everett Community College and Green River Community College depending on the skill center program being completed. Students start preparing for a successful future by earning college credit taking high school Career & Technical Education (CTE) classes.

College Credit Opportunities Available

College Credit WorksheeT (PDF)

Pacific NW College Credit offers Dual Credit to high school students as part of the statewide CTE Dual Credit program. Registered students in CTE Dual Credit classes can earn BOTH high school AND college credit for completing select high school classes with a grade of “B” (3.0) or better. 

CTE Dual Credit
Students who register for CTE Dual Credit classes can earn college credit in addition to their high school credit for completing high school classes that are formally aligned – articulated – with college courses. Eligible classes are considered “Career & Technical Education” classes at the high school level and connect to “Professional or Technical” courses & programs at the college. All articulated courses are part of a certificate or degree program offered at the awarding college.

Even if a student doesn't plan on future enrollment at the colleges transcripting their WANIC Skill Center class, students will have evidence they have attended college level courses which may be beneficial in future job or other college/university applications. Credit is guaranteed to transfer to all Washington State community or technical colleges. Transferability is not guaranteed to 4-year schools (regardless of in or out of state), BUT frequently does transfer credit straight to universities. There are many ways that a student can benefit from their credit.  Some are able to use the credit as a direct match at their receiving institution, or able to waive a prerequisite class, or they may be able to apply the credits towards their electives. Credit is considered on a case by case basis and typically if the student advocates for themselves, most courses can be accepted. 

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*IMPORTANT* Students enrolled in DigiPen Classes through WANIC must declare intent to earn college credit in the fall to their teacher. These students will be completing additional assignments or projects beyond the high school curriculum, demonstrating the advanced competencies required for college credit. This process is not through Pacific NW College Credit.

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Fire and EMS Students must follow these steps for dual (college) credits

As part of our FITE Fire & EMS class, students have the opportunity to earn college credits through the CTE SERS Dual-Credit system for Bellevue College & Everett Community College. In order to receive these credits, students must (1) earn a qualifying grade in our class, (2) register and pay through the CTE-SERS system, and (3) complete the CTE Credit Transcription processes for both colleges separately.

Students started this process by going through the CTE SERS registration system and began the application processes for the Credit Transcription through BC & EVCC during class. Most students were able to complete it during class, but if not they will need to complete it by the due dates listed below order to receive the dual-credits for our class. See below for reference to the important college deadlines including links to the pages where you can find additional information.

Everett Community College CTE Dual Credits: (“C” or above grade required)

  1. May 1 – Apply for EVCC admissions using the Online Admission Application Portal
  2. May 17 – Register for CTE SERS Dual Credit classes
  3. May 24 – Submit the EvCC CTE Dual Credit Class Transcription Request form
  4. May 31 – Pay for CTE SERS Dual Credit classes (see step 4 on the link).

Bellevue College CTE Dual Credits Through Pacific NW College Credit: (“B” or above grade required)

  1. Register and pay for CTE SERS Dual Credit classes
  2. Complete BC CTE Dual Credit Transcription Process
  3. June 15 - Pay for CTE SERS Dual Credit classes

This is a huge benefit for our students even if they are not planning on attending college after high school as these credits can be used later in their careers and the cost is minimal compared to paying for a full college course!

If you have additional questions about the CTE Dual-Credit processes please let us know as soon as possible at

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Aviation students must follow the directions found here to be awarded the Green River college credits.

Pacific Northwest College Credit

Bring  your laptop to the WANIC assembly May 15 for assistance in signing up for college credit. You do not want to miss this opportunity; you may be unable to claim the college credit if this process isn't completed before June 15.

Pacific NW College Credit


Pay $50 flat fee for all College Credits earned by June 15

PNWCC Request College Transcript process