To excuse an absence for students attending a WANIC class at Lake Washington Institute of Technology or DigiPen, a parent/guardian must phone 425.739.8400 or email and indicate the student's full name, date of absence and detailed reason for the absence. Until a reason is provided, the absence will be considered unexcused. Absences must be excused within 48 hours.

Learn more here about State laws regarding what absences are considered excused. If you are making plans and it is unavoidable that your student will be missing 3 or more school days, please complete the Pre-Arranged Absence Form at least one week prior to the absence.

Pre-Arranged Absence Form
What is an Excused Absence?

Under state law, student absences will be considered excused for the following reasons:

  • The student is participating in a district- or school-approved activity;
  • The student is ill or has a health condition or medical appointment;
  • The student has a family emergency;
  • The student is absent due to the observance of a religious or cultural holiday;
  • The student is involved in a court, judicial proceeding, or is serving on a jury;
  • The student is participating in a post-secondary, technical school, or apprenticeship program visitation or scholarship interview;
  • The student is participating in a state-recognized search and rescue activity;
  • The student is absent due to an issue directly related to their homeless status;
  • The student is absent related to the deployment activities of a parent or legal guardian who is on active duty;
  • The student is absent due to school discipline; or
  • The student is absent due to an activity that the principal and parent mutually approve of.

School principals have the authority to determine if an absence meets any of these criteria.