Summer Courses

WANIC Summer Skills Academy Details

Wednesday July 5 through Friday July 21 2017 (13 days)

8:00 am - 3:00 pm

  • Open to students entering 9-12th grade in Bellevue, Everett, Issaquah, Lake Washington, Northshore, Riverview, and Snoqualmie Valley School Districts. For reporting and funding purposes, student must be registered with a public high school; home school and private school students please register with your local public high school.
  • We cannot enroll students who are not registered in the Bellevue, Everett, Issaquah, Lake Washington, Northshore, Riverview and Snoqualmie Valley School Districts (no out-of-consortium students accepted for Summer Skills Academy).
  • Take note of the class location listed in the description. Some programs are offered at multiple locations. Classes for summer 2017 will be taught at Bellevue HS, Bothell HS, Cedarcrest HS, Redmond HS, Tolt Middle School and WANIC located at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. School addresses can be found on the right sidebar of this page.
  • Apply online. Applications open to all students who will be 9th through 12th grade, however students who will be in 12th grade 2017-18 have priority registration for the first week. Thereafter remaining spaces will be filled based on grade level priority and application submission date. Submitting an application is not a guarantee of enrollment.
  • Students may not apply for a Summer Skills class they have previously completed.
  • Because this one semester class is only 13 days long, do not register for Summer Skills Academy if your student has other plans and will miss more than one day.
  • 1 excused absence is permitted. After 1 absence the student may lose credit and receive a failing grade which will be reflected on the student's high school transcript. Absences may not be excused by the student and must be excused by the parent.
  • Submit only one application. If you have a second or third choice, please indicate your choices on the application.
  • Your application requires you to select one of our participating (public) high schools. If you are a rising ninth grader, please use the name of the school your middle school/junior high feeds to and note the name of your current school in the comments.
  • Current 8th graders are class of 2021, current 9th graders are class of 2020, current 10th graders are class of 2019 and current 11th graders are class of 2018.
  • Students provide their own transportation and lunch.
  • Class is 8:00 am - 3:00 pm - class time is 6.5 hours with 30 minutes for lunch each day.
  • Earn 0.5 Occupational Education HS Credit (except where noted otherwise in the description.)
  • Grade and credit earned will be posted to the student's official high school transcript.
  • Program offerings subject to change or cancellation due to enrollment.
  • Site visits are not required for enrolling in Summer Skills Academy.
  • Tech Prep college credits are not available for Summer Skills Academy.
  • Free Tuition. $50 materials/class fee (assistance may be available for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch).
  • After you receive an email confirmation of enrollment (this is not the application confirmation email that you receive at the time you submit your application), pay the class fee online or mail a check (payable to WANIC). Fee must be paid by June 1, 2017 to hold your spot. Please do not mail a check before your enrollment is confirmed.

Summer 2017 Courses

3D Modeling & Printing
Participants will learn to design objects in 3D, using an assortment of tools (including Pixologic’s Sculptris, Autodesk’s Maya and Fusion 360, and others).Designers will then have the opportunity to create their objects using a 3D printer.Computers, software, and 3D printer will be available to use.
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Location: Tolt Middle School
Computer Science & Engineering
Project-based learning: electronic components, Robotics, and C language programming.
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Location: Redmond HS
Culinary Creations
Take a chef, add students excited about cooking, mix them together in a state of the art kitchen = recipe for fun.
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Location: Redmond HS
DigiPen Art & Animation
Through a variety of hands-on projects, students are exposed to the tools and techniques of professional artists while creating their own 2D and 3D animations. Students experience how each step of the art production process works while also developing foundational skills including drawing and sculpting.
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Locations: Bellevue HS, Cascade HS, Redmond HS
DigiPen Cyber Security
Learn how networked computers communicate with one another, understand how systems can become compromised, and explore different ways to protect online security.
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Location: Redmond HS
DigiPen Music & Sound Design
This class offers a fascinating, hands-on approach to creating music, sound effects, and soundtracks for games or animations. Students produce unique, engaging soundscapes while learning about the fundamentals of music and sound design and their use in the video game and animation industries.
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Location: Redmond HS
DigiPen Video Game Development
This workshop is ideal for any student who wants to take an idea for a 2D video game and make it a reality. This workshop examines basic programming techniques, but also looks at other disciplines needed to create a game including game design, art production, and sound design.
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Location: Redmond HS
DigiPen Video Game Programming
This workshop launches students into the world of writing code through the process of programming video games! The emphasis is on learning the foundational programming concepts, including variables, conditional statements, and loops, that form the basis of game logic.
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Locations: Bellevue HS, Cascade HS, Redmond HS
Dynamic DNA
Have you ever wanted to work in a research lab and run your own science experiments? Discover the world of genetic research as you explore the workings of mutant genes, bacteria, and DNA sequencing. Includes a visit to Fred Hutch!
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Location: WANIC
Financial Planning
This course will empower, equip, and entertain while building confidence in students’ own financial decision-making. Students are facing tremendous financial challenges without the basic knowledge needed to thrive in today's economy. Less than half of high school seniors qualify as financially literate, and more than 7 million borrowers are in default on student loans for college. Learn the skills to navigate the day to day reality of personal finance.
HS credit: 0.5 Math
Location: Cedarcrest HS
Learn about personal & community health issues. Meets health credit graduation requirement.
HS credit: 0.5 Health
Locations: Cedarcrest HS, Redmond HS
Health Careers Exploration
Do you like to help others? Would you like to explore healthcare careers like Dental, Fire & EMS, and Nursing? This interactive class will give you an inside look at these high demand fields! Earn your CPR/First Aid card!
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Location: WANIC
Introduction to Fire & EMS Careers
Experience the exciting and high-demand world of fire-fighters and emergency responders. Learn about fire prevention, inspection, investigation, alarm systems, dispatching, and emergency medical services. Earn your CPR/First Aid card!
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Location: WANIC
Introduction to Medical Careers
Learn the language of doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals as you explore the exciting world of medical assisting.
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Location: WANIC
This summer class will feature photographic opportunities covering a range of techniques from beginning to advanced. Explore the technical and creative aspects of digital photography. Master your camera and its functions. Improve your composition. Take control of natural and artificial light in the studio or outdoors. Process your images so that they look their very best. Some walking required as class may occasionally use subjects and sights within the local community.
HS credit: 0.5 Art
Location: Cedarcrest HS
Professional Production Arts
This program will prepare individuals to apply knowledge and technical skills in creating, producing, and selling products in the field of 2D and 3D art. This course will include art theory, design, safety, technical skills, production skills and marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and management functions associated with operating a small business in professional arts. *Saturday art sale to be held at The Sandblast Festival.
HS credit: 0.5 Art
Location: Cedarcrest HS
Radio/TV Broadcasting
Want to be a radio DJ or learn how to produce video and film? The summer edition of Radio/TV Broadcasting covers the ins and outs of radio operation and producing video for television. Students learn how to run a radio station as they participate in the operation and management of KASB 89.9 FM, broadcasting from Bellevue High School and on the internet ( Students also take part in producing and performing studio television programming in a professional television studio. The class is hands on, providing experience on professional audio and studio video equipment.
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Location: Bellevue HS
Rock Your Ride - Mobile Electronics
Custom car stereo & speaker box construction! This will be a fun and fast paced class that will allow students to understand, fabricate and install custom car stereos. About 1/3 of the class time is spent learning about wiring and circuitry, 1/3 to 1/2 of the class building speaker boxes and learning to work with woodworking tools. Students also have the opportunity to install audio systems in their own car.
HS credit: 0.5 Occ Ed.
Location: Bothell HS

Summer Timeline

Summer Information

  • Summer Skills Academy Timeline Important dates to know for WANIC Summer Skills Academy 2017
  • Pay Summer fee online
  • Summer School Payment To pay online, click this link. Enter cardholder information. For the School, select high school "WANIC SKILL CENTER" (do not select any other high school). For the Item, select "SUMMER ACADEMY FEE $50". In the Student Name/Department box, enter the student's full name and home high school. For the Amount, enter $50.
  • Barrier Reduction Funds If your student qualifies for free or reduced lunch, we have Barrier Reduction funds available to assist with the class fee or other required expenses. Please complete this application and have your student's current school verify on the signature line. You or your school can scan and email the completed application to or mail it to WANIC 11605 132nd Ave NE #A108, Kirkland, WA 98034.

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